Jack P. Turner Award Given to Attorney Edward Bates, Jr.

Our team of Atlanta family law attorneys are proud to announce that Edward E. “Ned” Bates, Jr. has recently received the Jack P. Turner Award at the Family Law Institute of Georgia. The Jack P. Turner Award is not an annual award that must be given to a recipient each year. Instead, the Family Law Institute of Georgia only gives the award to attorneys who have truly advanced the field of family law and who truly represent what it means to be a leading legal mind. As such, only a handful of recipients have earned this award since it was first initiated in 1992.

This is not the first time Warner Bates has been honored with this award, though. C. Wilbur Warner Jr. also received the Jack P. Turner Award in 2000 for his contributions, efforts, and excellence. We could not be prouder to have both of our named attorneys as recipients.

In order to be selected for the Jack P. Turner Award, a family lawyer generally needs to be highly reviewed and praised by legal peers. They are also expected to be in good standing with all applicable Bars and have a history of compassion and greatness among past clients. For Edward Bates, Jr. to receive this award, it truly does speak to his abilities and dedication to our family law clients, whether they need help with child custody, property division, general divorce concerns, and so forth.

Want to know more about the Jack P. Turner Award? You can click here to visit the State Bar of Georgia webpage that discusses its history and the award in more detail. For representation from an award-winning team of Atlanta family law attorneys, do not hesitate to contact our law firm at your first opportunity to schedule an appointment.