Ned Bates and Barry McGough Will Present at the 35th Annual Family Law Institute

The State Bar of Georgia Institute of Continued Legal Education will be hosting the 35th Annual Family Law Institute to analyze the anatomy of a divorce and family case from start to finish. As one of the sponsors of the event, Warner Bates is proud to announce Barry McGough and Ned Bates will be presenters at this year’s conference. Barry McGough will present on effective and efficient opening statements and Ned Bates will speak on direct examination.

At Warner Bates, we are passionate about finding the very best ways to represent our clients and compassionately handle their family law cases. Conferences like the 35th Annual Family Law Institute provide continuing legal education which is beneficial to family law.

Are you looking for an experienced family law attorney you can trust? Our practiced lawyers are here to help! Contact Warner Bates today to schedule an appointment.

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