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Late-Case Evaluations in Atlanta

Helping You Settle Your Case Outside of Court

When the expectations and demands of divorcing parties are miles apart and mediation has failed, late case evaluation is a tool that can help bridge the gap. Sometimes ordered by the court, this strategy serves as a reality check for one or both parties before they incur the considerable financial and emotional time and expense of a trial.

Warner Bates encourages clients who are approaching trial to consider the potential value of a late-case evaluation, whether court-ordered or voluntary. As a trusted and respected Georgia law firm with a reputation for knowledgeable and successful client advocacy, we are proud to offer our clients counsel as they face a potentially stressful and difficult period of life. We take an individualized approach to each case, recommending the solutions that we believe would best fit our clients' needs. This may include alternative dispute resolution.

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What Is Late-Case Evaluation & How Does it Work?

The evaluation is typically performed by an experienced attorney or retired judge who reviews the facts and circumstances of the matter and gives an educated opinion regarding the outcome of a decision by a court or jury, should the case proceed to trial.

Feedback from this experienced, but uninvolved, legal professional helps the parties get a sense of what they might expect in a trial, and often spurs a willingness to approach settlement with a more flexible attitude. The evaluator's role is not to help the parties reach a mutually acceptable settlement, but to indicate the likely outcome of a contested trial.

The assessment may include likely trial outcomes for issues such as:

What Is the Goal of Late Case Evaluation?

Late case evaluation, while not a part of all cases, can be a valuable tool when the parties have been unable to find common ground by other means. The process can be beneficial in two major ways, by helping to establish realistic expectations and avoid protracted and expensive court battles.

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In our opinion, going to court to have a judge or jury determine the outcome of your case should be a last resort. At Warner Bates, we make every effort to assist clients in settling their cases prior to trial. When other strategies fail, our firm is able to bring unmatched knowledge and courtroom experience to represent our clients in court before a judge or jury.

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