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Contempt & Post Decree Enforcement in Georgia

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Unfortunately, after a divorce is finalized it is not uncommon for one or both parties to decide not to comply with the terms and conditions of the divorce. When this happens, there may be grounds for filing a contempt action. Our team at Warner Bates can assist you with this process.

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Filing for a Contempt Proceeding in Georgia

Some of the most common reasons to file for a contempt proceeding include:

  • Failure to pay alimony or child support
  • Failure to transfer accounts and titles
  • Failure to satisfy debts as ordered in the final divorce decree

What is a contempt proceeding? This action seeks the court's decision about whether or not the parties are in compliance with the terms of the divorce decree and ensures that they carry out their respective responsibilities, whether those responsibilities were agreed upon or court-ordered.

The terms and conditions of a final divorce decree are more than suggestions. They are legally binding requirements. When the terms are violated, this failure to comply constitutes a breach of the law that is punishable by enforcement action and may even lead to incarceration, when the refusal to comply is protracted and egregious.

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As in every aspect of divorce and family law, experience and knowledge of the law are critical factors affecting the success of the action. Warner Bates is a full-service domestic relations firm that recognizes the importance of complete compliance with the terms of the divorce decree. We offer an unparalleled level of experience to serve existing clients as well as new ones who seek assistance regarding the enforcement of the provisions of their final divorce order and those defending against contempt actions.

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