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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Offering Tailored Solutions for Peaceful Resolutions

Not all divorces involve the traditional picture of two parties battling it out in a courtroom. Many divorce cases involve those who just need professional assistance to ensure everything is accomplished properly. You should know that you have other options-solutions that foster courtesy, communication, and low conflict. Our team at Warner Bates is proud to support clients in Atlanta through family law and divorce issues using methods that promote conversation and cooperation. We recommend these alternatives whenever possible and in the best interests of our clients.

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When It Comes to Dispute Resolution, Know Your Options.

Deciding divorce and other family law disputes through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provides many benefits, including significant reductions in fees, stress, and the time necessary to complete the case.

Read more about these methods of ADR:

When in their best interest, we encourage clients to explore settlement options using ADR whenever possible. Even situations where trust has evaporated and tensions are high, disputes can often be resolved out of court to the satisfaction of all parties with the assistance of a qualified and experienced third party in order to facilitate effective communication. In cases where no final agreement is reached through ADR, it can create efficiencies and reduce costs as part of the process to reach an adjudicated settlement.

Why Choosing Warner Bates Makes Sense for Your Case

Warner Bates attorneys have decades of experience helping individuals find common ground and achieve workable agreements. Our highly knowledgeable lawyers frequently serve as neutral, independent third parties in mediation, arbitration, and late-case evaluations to resolve disputes involving family law issues.

Divorce or other domestic law matters don't have to drag on and end in acrimony and ill will. You have options, and our Atlanta dispute resolution attorneys are here to help you find the solution that is best for your family. Consider the benefits of a negotiated agreement and contact the firm to arrange an ADR session that fits your situation. We'll be happy to tell you more.

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