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Atlanta familyNo two families are the same, which means no two family law cases are the same either. If you are looking for an attorney that can provide you with comprehensive and customized solutions to your family law or divorce case, we encourage you to contact our law firm.

Family law involves incredibly sensitive situations that affect individuals and their lives in the most lasting and personal ways. Everything from divorce actions and child custody to prenuptial agreements and adoptions fall under the broad umbrella of family law.

When you're faced with one of these issues, whether planned or completely unexpected, it's important that you have the highest quality of legal advice and representation at your disposal.

Warner Bates is a world-class legal team based in Atlanta, Georgia. We are ready to handle your domestic law matters, whatever they may be.

Why Hire Warner Bates?

Warner Bates brings over 40 years of experience helping clients in Atlanta and around the world with family law matters of every kind. It's our only focus because we understand these issues are too important to approach casually.

While other firms divide their attention between multiple practice areas within the legal field, we are completely focused on family law. You will not find a more knowledgeable team of legal professionals - or a more highly respected one - anywhere.

Though we're known as the divorce professionals - and we are - we are able to bring an extraordinary depth of knowledge and experience to assist clients across the entire spectrum of family law. Explore our individual practice areas and let us know how we can assist you.

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  • Nearly 300 Years of Combined Legal Experience

  • A Reputation for Integrity, Excellence & Results

  • Upholding the Strictest Standards of Confidentiality

  • Our Attorneys Wrote the Books on Divorce Law

  • Focusing Exclusively on Domestic Law Matters