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Paternity testBabies do not always follow marriage. In fact, a large proportion of children born today are delivered to unwed parents. Though they may not realize it, this situation affects the legal rights and responsibilities of parenthood for both the mother and the father. Establishing paternity and completing the legitimation process is a way to secure and protect parental rights.

The Atlanta paternity lawyers of Warner Bates understand the legitimation process and how important it can be. Our attorneys believe in the importance of fatherhood and support the role both parents play in their children's lives. We provide efficient and strategic assistance through what is often an emotional time to help mothers and fathers interested in establishing their legal rights.

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What You Should Know About Paternity & Legitimation in Georgia

When a child has been born outside of marriage, our firm can assist the mother in having the paternity of her child legally established and securing an award of child support from the father. At the same time, through a legitimation action, we can help the father establish his legal relationship to the child, and securing custody and parenting time with the child.

Every attorney on our experienced legal team serves parents who want to establish their rights to:

We can take action on your behalf in pursuing paternity and legitimation actions. To learn more about how we can help you secure your legal rights to a relationship with your child and receive the appropriate financial support, please contact the firm today. We look forward to answering your questions and providing the answers and support you deserve.

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An Atlanta paternity attorney from our team can answer your questions and provide you with helpful support and counsel as you seek your child's best interests and assertion of your rights as a parent. We look forward to working with you!

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