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Restraining & Protective Orders in Georgia

Protecting You from Violence and Stalking

Divorce is an emotional and painful experience, and one that, unfortunately, sometimes involves threats to the physical or emotional safety of divorcing parties or their children. When family violence or stalking arises, a petition for a protective order may be filed with the Superior Court under the Procedures for Prevention of Family Violence Act.

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How Do I Obtain a Protective Order?

Restraining orderFile a petition under the Procedures for Prevention of Family Violence Act. Such a petition may result in an ex parte protective order that sets forth strict limitations of the contact allowed between the parties and schedules a hearing date, at which the petitioner may request a 12-month protective order or a three-year permanent protective order.

Mutual protective orders may be filed at the request of the parties or by order of the court.

What Does a Restraining Order Include?

In each case, protective orders apply in every county throughout the state of Georgia and law enforcement officials are obligated to enforce and carry out the provisions of the order.

Protection orders may include:

It is crucial that the attorneys handling protection orders have an understanding of the evolution of the law in respect to family violence and are able to execute these orders rapidly, to ensure immediate safety and enforceable orders. Representing both plaintiffs and defendants, the Atlanta restraining order attorneys Warner Bates has many years of experience utilizing protective orders to ensure our clients' safety and security.

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