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Effective Advocacy in Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Arbitration is a method of alternate dispute resolution (ADR) that is commonly used in family law and divorce disputes when the parties do not wish to wait for the matter to work its way slowly through the court system. At Warner Bates, we understand that every family is unique. Our firm emphasizes solutions tailored to your unique situation and preferences. Our professionalism, care, and knowledge of Georgia family law has helped us earn our reputation as some of the most trusted and experienced arbitrators in Atlanta.

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Why Do So Many Divorcing Couples Choose Arbitration?

The classic picture of divorce is one of two contentious parties facing off in court over a variety of disputed issues such as child custody and child support, property division, and alimony. Resolving divorce in court can be a lengthy process-not to mention an expensive and contentious one. Arbitration offers a way to "hire your judge" to complete a hearing or trial on a date certain, with minimal downtime or waiting time for a decision.

Arbitration effectively saves you:

  • Time - By agreeing to an "end date" and avoiding the clogged family court system, you'll almost certainly see a much faster resolution to your divorce.
  • Money - The old adage "time is money" is certainly true when it comes to divorce. A dragged-out court case can result in expensive legal fees, court fees, and missed work. Choosing arbitration could allow you to save money by expediting the process.
  • Stress - There is no denying that divorce is often a highly stressful experience. Arbitration allows you to maintain control and paves the way for a less divisive and contentious process-potentially fostering improved relationships between the parties.

Focusing on Personalized Solutions for Families in Georgia

The experienced attorneys of Warner Bates not only assist their clients through the arbitration process, but we are also available to serve as arbitrators for family law litigants when the parties opt for arbitration in lieu of traditional court trial. Our attorneys have been representing Georgia families for more than 40 years. You can rely on us for professional, strategic, and successful advocacy of your interests during what may be a difficult and challenging time.

As the authors of the books most frequently referenced and relied upon by judges and attorneys in family law disputes, our attorneys are renowned in the Georgia legal community as experts in this area. With decades of experience and unmatched depth of knowledge, we provide both clients and their attorneys a high level of comfort when utilizing the firm's arbitrators.

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