6th Annual AVLF Guardian ad Litem Benefit

Our firm is dedicated to providing diligent, caring legal services to clients in a variety of family law cases. Our commitment to justice drives us in our efforts to give back to the community. That is why we partner with organizations like the AVLF to provide free legal assistance to low-income clients in the Greater Atlanta area. We recently hosted an event for one of AVLF’s programs.

What Is the AVLF?

The Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, Inc. is one of the largest providers of pro bono legal assistance in Atlanta. Founded in 1979, it combines the passion and innovation of the Atlanta Bar Association, the Atlanta Legal Aid Society, the Gate City Bar Association, and the Atlanta Council of Younger Lawyers. The organization provides free legal services to low-income clients, with the goal of creating stable families and safe homes through equal justice.

Everyone deserves a level playing field in the courtroom. That is why the volunteers at AVLF dedicate their time and energy fighting on behalf of clients who cannot afford representation. Current programs provide services to clients in probate, family law, domestic violence, eviction, and unpaid wage cases. They also serve clients in landlord/tenant disputes. Every potential client who makes contact with the AVLF will go through an intake interview to understand their situation. If they are eligible to receive help, a volunteer attorney will be assigned to provide knowledgeable and thorough legal assistance.

The Guardian ad Litem Benefit Event

On August 24, 2017, our firm hosted the 6th Annual Guardian ad Litem Benefit. This event promoted networking among volunteer staff and attorneys, and also acted as a fundraiser for the AVLF’s Guardian ad Litem program. Prominent sponsors of the event included IAG, SignatureFD, State Bank, and Taco Cowboy. Photography for the event was provided by Daniel Henninger Photography, Inc.

The AVLF’s Guardian ad Litem program provides legal assistance in cases where a family cannot afford to hire a guardian ad litem. In family law courts, a guardian ad litem helps determine what is in the child’s best interests. Thus, the AVLF helps low-income families have the advantage of a guardian ad litem to decide what custody and visitation arrangements will provide the most benefit to the child involved.

Our Firm Provides Compassionate Representation for Family Law Cases

Warner Bates is committed to providing excellent legal services to clients facing stressful divorce and family law issues. Whatever the situation, our experienced Atlanta family law attorneys can discuss your options and determine effective legal strategies for your case. We can guide you through legal process regarding divorce, dispute resolution, child support and custody arrangements, alimony, property division, restraining orders, and other family law matters. Our firm truly cares about each client. We can provide personal services as you seek a beneficial outcome.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated advocates.

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