How Social Media Affects Marriage & Divorce

Couple on social media

Social media is a great platform to engage with others and share areas of our life. However, time and time again, social media has had a major impact on many marriages and divorce. Couples have split due to social media and divorces have become more and more complicated because of what partners share on these platforms. To shed light on the impact social media had on relationships, the attorneys at Warner Bates have put together examples on how social media affects marriage and divorce.

Social Media & Marriage

Social media has contributed to many issues in marriages. Our team has put together a list of the most common issues that arise due to social media in marriages.

  • Screen time got in the way: Instead of sharing moments or thoughts with each other, couples have found that they spend too much time on their phones—disconnecting couples.

  • Spouses aren’t honest about who they talk: Social media has been an avenue for many spouses to hide secrets or hidden relationships. It has also built distrust between couples.

  • Reconnecting with old partners: Spouses who reconnect with old partners through social media often result in arguments and issues.

Social Media & Divorce

Social media has also significantly impacted divorces. Social media can be used as evidence during the divorce. Below we have put together a list of the most common issues related to social media that affect divorce proceedings.

  • Posting images with others: If a spouse is sharing images and details about their infidelity, it can be used as evidence in divorce.

  • Evidence of time and place: Social media can also serve as evidence to show that a spouse was in a certain time or place.

  • Spending habits: Sharing purchasing habits on social media can be used against a spouse to show proof of spending or income.

It’s best to stay away from social media or be cautious of what you share during marriage or divorce. If you need legal guidance during this time, contact our lawyers today at (770) 766-8148, to schedule a consultation!

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