5 Best Co-parenting Apps

Mom and daughter

Co-parenting is a challenge; there are often issues with scheduling, communication, and let’s not forget, working together with your ex.

Luckily, there’s help out there. These co-parenting apps were designed with you in mind, so take advantage of them! Start streamlining family calendars and improving communication with a simple download.

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1. Our Family Wizard

Created by a divorced couple, the OurFamilyWizard platform promotes harmonious communication between co-parents. As one of the original tools designed for co-parents and their kids, they’ve got unique features. Families can share messages, expenses, events, and even add professional accounts including their mediator or therapist. The optional add-on, ToneMeter, acts like an “emotional spell check,” can pick up on negative tones, and give you alternatives to avoid a potential argument.

2. Coparently

The one-stop-shop app Coparently offers all the tools one would need to make co-parenting easier. With color-coded custody calendars, a secure messaging center, printable records for shared expenses, and a shared online directory, it’s something you should definitely check out. You can even add your kids to the account, helping with communication and the decision-making process. They offer a 30-day free trial, giving you ample time to explore the app and seeing if it fits your family’s needs.

3. Cozi

Cozi is a Mom’s Choice award-winning program that lets you create shared calendars, shopping lists, to-do lists, and meal plans. With its user-friendly interface and cool features, this organization tool is one of the best co-parenting apps available. The best part? The basic program is free!

4. 2Houses

2Houses provide families a way to communicate with their co-parent more efficiently and effectively. When information gets lost in the piles of texts and emails, 2Houses allows users to exchange information, such as medical notes and school details, and stay organized. Other helpful features include messaging with mediator access and document storage. Try it out for free for 14 days before deciding to commit to a membership!

5. Google Calendar

Google is a ubiquitous name, and while it wasn’t designed with co-parents in mind, it can still help your family stay on top of events and appointments. All you need to do is create a calendar, share it with your co-parent, kids, or grandparents, and give them editing access. It’s a simple way to coordinate schedules, it’s free, and easy to use.

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