Debunking 4 of the Most Common Divorce Myths

Divorce discussions

You can’t believe everything you read about divorces. Some of the things that you may hear are from biased, confused, or naive people who simply do not understand how it works. Warner Bates has been in the business of helping families with their divorces for over 40 years, and we’ve heard all the rumors and myths about divorce. Today, we’re separating fact from fiction.

Myth: Divorce Litigation is the Only Option

Truth: For many people, one of the scariest aspects of divorce is battling out their issues in the courtroom. You should know that you have other solutions that foster courtesy, communication, and are low conflict. If you and your spouse are thinking about splitting up, look into alternative dispute resolutions. We can help you determine which option will work best for your case.

Myth: My Spouse Will Receive More Than Me in the Settlement

Truth: Dividing marital property can be a contentious part of the divorce process, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Under the laws in Georgia, spouses must split their assets equitably. It’s important to find an attorney who will protect what’s rightfully yours and seek your best interests.

Myth: The Courts Favor the Mother in Custody Battles

Truth: It is true that in the past, some judges were more biased towards mothers during child custody decisions. Now, courts look to fulfill the child’s best interests— not the gender of the parents. The courts will assign parenting time and responsibilities based on the child’s relationship with each parent, history of family violence, and many other factors. We dive into more details about the “best interest” standard here.

Myth: I Can Get a Divorce Perfectly Fine Without a Lawyer

Truth: If your divorce is ending and there’s zero bad blood, no minor children, and complex marital assets, then you might be able to get a divorce without an attorney. This is not the case for many marriages. It pays to invest in an attorney who will stand up for your rights and make sure you are not taken advantage of by the other party.

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