Congratulations to Warner Bates on Our 2023 AVLF Cup Victory!


We are ecstatic to announce Warner Bates' remarkable achievement in winning the 2023 AVLF Cup. In an impressive showcase of dedication and team spirit, we emerged as fundraising, point, and volunteer champions within the Perkinson Park Group. This victory is a testament to our commitment and a reflection of our firm's core values and community engagement.

How Did We Achieve This Remarkable Victory?

The AVLF Cup divides teams into five competition groups, based on the size of each team's office, to ensure a fair and competitive environment. Warner Bates was up against four other teams in our group.

We secured our win by raising the most funds, volunteering the most hours on AVLF matters, and gaining the most points in the 2023 Cup competition. Our collective effort and unyielding determination were pivotal in surpassing our competition.

What Is the AVLF Cup?

The AVLF Cup was inaugurated in 2021 as a friendly competition to foster fundraising and volunteer efforts among Atlanta's law firms, accounting firms, and corporations. Its ultimate goal is to support the invaluable work of the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation.

Warner Bates participated with a clear vision and relentless effort, missing no opportunity for contribution.

Thank You, Team!

We extend our deepest gratitude to every member of Warner Bates who donated their time, resources, and energy to volunteer with AVLF throughout 2023. This victory is a collective achievement that underscores our firm’s commitment to fighting for safe and stable homes and families in Atlanta. Your generosity and dedication have made a significant impact, and we are genuinely proud of what we have accomplished together.

If you seek guidance on family law matters, contact us at (770) 766-8148.

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