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Divorce in Atlanta GA

Filing a Petition for Divorce in Georgia? Call a Team with 40+ Years of Experience.

Couple getting divorcedOur team at Warner Bates is here to provide the care, support, and dedicated representation you need during this time. We are passionate about serving our clients with excellence. Divorce can turn out to be one of the most difficult experiences of your life. Even the most amicable split involves some contention and stress. And unfortunately, the financial consequences of a divorce can last a lifetime.

The team at Warner Bates is ready to guide you through the divorce process.

Our legal team can help you with the following areas of divorce:

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Why Should I Choose Warner Bates for My Divorce?

The attorneys at Warner Bates are not only among the most experienced in the profession, but also the most highly respected. We are known throughout the United States, and in fact across the globe, for our commitment to delivering an elite level of legal representation for our clients for and our exceptional history of getting the results they need. The firm represents the gold standard for divorce and domestic law.

With a rare, exclusive focus on divorce and family law, our team at Warner Bates stands out within the Atlanta legal community for our experience as well as our deep knowledge of the legal code regarding divorce in the state of Georgia. if ever you have any questions about the divorce process in Georgia, we can assist you from the beginning stages, which occurs when you first file the Complaint for Divorce in the Superior Court to the issuance of the divorce decree and completion of the divorce case.

In addition to over 40 years of dedicated divorce focus, three of our partners are the authors of the definitive books on divorce law in Georgia. These manuals are updated annually and serve as the main body of legal reference for judges and lawyers throughout the state.

Post-Decree Divorce Assistance in Atlanta

Already completed your divorce? There are many situations where a post-decree modification becomes necessary, and our divorce attorneys are ready and able to provide the assistance you need. These situations might include modifications to support payments, petitioning the court for joint or full custody of your child, or filing an enforcement order for negligent payments on behalf of your ex-spouse. Regardless of your reason for a modification, we encourage you to contact a lawyer from Warner Bates to get experienced legal advice.

Ready to Help You with All Aspects of Your Divorce

Child custody, alimony, child support, and division of assets all depend on the skill and experience of your attorney. The consequences of a mishandled divorce are too serious to risk. Protect your assets and your future with the most experienced divorce law firm in the state of Georgia.

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What Distinguishes Our Firm from Others in Atlanta?

  • Nearly 300 Years of Combined Legal Experience

  • A Reputation for Integrity, Excellence & Results

  • Upholding the Strictest Standards of Confidentiality

  • Our Attorneys Wrote the Books on Divorce Law

  • Focusing Exclusively on Domestic Law Matters