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Family Law Appeals in Georgia

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Whether you are appealing an unfavorable decision or defending against an appeal by the opposing party, your success depends upon having the very best appellate counsel. Not every Atlanta appeals attorney is equally qualified. Choose a firm with the ability to advocate for you effectively. Choose Warner Bates.

Can I Appeal My Georgia Family Court Decision?

  • Maybe. When it comes to appeals, there are two types of cases:
  • Cases that are subject to procedures of "direct appeal"
  • Cases that are subject to procedures of "discretionary appeal"

This means that some cases are subject to direct appeal under Georgia law, including child custody cases. Others, such as child support cases, are determined on a discretionary basis, meaning you can request permission to file an appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court or the Georgia Court of Appeals and await permission from those bodies. For example, requests for appeals involving divorce decrees will be denied if the court considers them to be "frivolous applications." You could also be required to pay a penalty fee in such an event. The best thing to do is to schedule an appointment with an Atlanta appeals lawyer to discuss your case.

Divorce Appeals

Couple appealing their divorceAfter a divorce is finalized, you and your ex-spouse still have a chance to challenge court decisions through the appeals process. You can either appeal or modify the terms of your divorce or the divorce decree itself. Settlement agreements are generally harder to overturn since the terms were agreed on.

Warner Bates has been providing knowledgeable, focused assistance with family law and divorce appeals for over 40 years. We have extensive experience submitting well-reasoned briefs and conducting oral arguments before the state appellate court-skills that most family law firms simply aren't prepared to deliver. Our team includes nationally recognized appellate family attorneys who give clients the quality counsel on the appeals process that they deserve.

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The firm represents clients who want to appeal their case; we also defend clients where the other party has appealed. If you are considering appealing a decision in your case, be aware that immediate action is necessary to preserve your right to appeal.

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